The Park Record, August 8, 1998

Vibrant colors mark the work of new arrivals, familiar artists

by Edd Kincaid

Down the street, about as far as you can go, at the Kimball Art Center, a new artist is making a big splash—a splash of color—Barbara Lyman. Lyman's colors are glorified Van Gogh. The paintings in the lower gallery light up the area without artificial lighting. "Floral with Oranges" is an oil where orange predominates, fighting the contrasts of red and green, plus a little bit of pink.

"Red Cyclamen" grow in striped pots of orange, blue and green, while sitting on a blue turf with a circle of gold above it all. While "Pink Cyclamen" is similar, it is very different. Both are, shall we say, hot stuff, by an artist who has an appreciation of brush stroke and color overlay.

Lyman is presently working on her B.F.A. at Brigham Young University on a full-tuition scholarship. We shall be seeing a great deal more from this talented artist.